The Refreshing 3,400-Acre Outdoor Oasis, Crafton Hills Preserve, Has Miles And Miles Of Magnificent Southern California Trails To Explore

Living in Southern California has its benefits, especially when it comes to the many outdoor spaces that surround us throughout this beautiful part of the Golden State. Whether you’re seeking a short and sweet hike or you prefer a longer trail that will get your blood pumping, the refreshing 3,400-acre outdoor oasis at Crafton Hills Preserve is packed with tons of awesome trails.

What a beautiful place to spend some time outside in nature. Have you ever explored the trails at Crafton Hills Preserve? It’s a wonderful destination with endless opportunities to embrace the great outdoors.

Looking for more trails to enjoy in SoCal? This exhilarating seven bridge hike looks like quite the adventure.

Address: 33787-34079 Crafton Hills Ridge Trail, Mentone, CA 92359, USA