The Unsolved Mystery In South Dakota That Still Baffles People Today

This chilling mystery has confused the minds of many for more than 20 years. No one really knows what happened, and no one ever will, and the details of the story offer barely any suggestions as to what did. The entire thing is shrouded in mystery and probably always will be.

It all started on December 12, 1992 near Lake Andes, South Dakota.

The families of the victims believe it was foul play, and the local police enforcement had their suspicions, too. Two men had been seen near the ditch just hours before the bodies were discovered and they were never found for questioning. It’s hard to say exactly what foul play may have happened – and why, if it did. The FBI closed the case in 1999 stating that it was simply an accident. After all, both bodies had been ruled to have died from exposure after their autopsies. However, that doesn’t explain the other loose ends in this mystery.

We will never really know what happened, but even now over 20 years later, it is still a case of speculation. What do you think happened?