It is always a delightful surprise to be listening to a song you like and to hear something you love mentioned, especially when that something is your home state. Being in the midwest, we don’t always get a ton a of recognition. These 12 songs about South Dakota are enough to make you glow you pride.

1. “8th of November” by Big & Rich

This Big & Rich song is a stunning tribute to those that fight for our country and the many that have given their lives. South Dakota is mentioned in the opening line of the song!

2. “South Dakota Morning” by Bee Gees

This classic Bee Gees tune is all about our stunning state. The South Dakota sunshine, the eagles, the rain, are all things we love about our state and they are all mentioned in this song.

3. “Stays in Mexico” by Toby Keith

World-famous country music star Toby Keith gives a nod to South Dakota in his song “Stays in Mexico” when he mentions an insurance worker from SD!

4. “Rapid City, SD” by Dwight Yoakam

An ode to a boy from Rapid City, love, loss, and the never-ending winters. I think we can all relate!

5.”Ballad of Hollis Brown” by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan brings it home with this tale of how life marches on. We are proud to be mentioned in this classic.

6. “Big foot” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash’s “Big Foot” tells the story of the Battle at Wounded Knee and how differently the two sides interpreted that story. The history of South Dakota is alive and well in this tune.

7. “Misfits” by Neil Young

A shoutout to South Dakota and Needles Highway is smack dab in the middle of this Neil Young classic.

8. “I am” by Kid Rock

Kid Rock shouts out to many cities and states in his song “I am.” Not be left behind, South Dakota is mentioned right before Hollywood and New York City.

9. “Everything” by Eve 6

A love song about a girl from South Dakota who drives a motorhome. Honestly, what more could you want?

10. “What I Call Home” Colt Ford

“What I Call Home” is Ford’s ode to being on the road and how it feels to be home. He mentions South Dakota, the stunning state we get to call home, in his tune and we all know that perfect at-home feeling that resonates here.

11. “Fire” by Autumn Hill

This duo belts out a beautiful tune about a road trip and the ups and downs of love. Naturally, they run out of gas in South Dakota. Because we all know how many roads seemingly lead to nowhere.

12. “Lipstick” by Kip Moore

Last but not least is the chart-topping hit “Lipstick” by Kip Moore. He calls out “Dakota, Badlands, Heart of the Heartlands.” We truly are proud to be the heart of the heartland.

South Dakota, the beautiful and memorable state that it is, has had been mentioned in more than a few songs. We made a list of a few of our favorite songs about South Dakota. What are some of the ones we missed?

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