There’s A Scuba Complex Hiding In South Dakota That’s Perfect For Your Next Adventure

You have flirted with the idea of scuba diving in the Bahamas, Hawaii, and/or the coast of Mexico, but have you ever considered doing so right here in South Dakota? No way, right? Where would you go? Believe it or not, one of our very own reservoirs is the perfect place to go for an underwater adventure and you are going to want to try it for yourself:

Address: West Pennington, SD 57702

To get a better glimpse of scuba diving in Pactola Lake, check out this video from patriots2431:

Have you had a chance to scuba dive Pactola? Do you know of any other places to scuba dive in South Dakota? Let us know in the comments! Discover even more things to do around the reservoir by clicking This Water Adventure In South Dakota Will Bring Out The Explorer In You.