Osprey Trail can be found west of Rapid City, South Dakota, on the western side of the state. This 2.8-mile loop trail is located in the Black Hills National Forest and features incredible views of Pactola Lake. If this isn’t the best hiking trail in SD, it’s easily among the top ones! Check it out:

South Dakota may not be the first state you think of when you think of scenic views, but this hike should change that! Whether you are looking for a quick hike just to get outside, or you want to spend the afternoon on the overlook watching osprey and eagles fishing in the lake, the Osprey Trail in South Dakota should be at the top of your list.

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Osprey Lake in South Dakota

  1. Where is the Osprey Trail in South Dakota?

The amazing Osprey Trail is located within the amazing Black Hills National Forest and is also known as Trail #58. It is just over two miles in length (2.2 miles), and it’s absolutely amazing. It’s named for the ospreys you’re more than likely to see along the way, and it’s an amazing hike for anyone who loves the great outdoors and watching wildlife. Learn more about some of the best hikes in Black Hills National Forest.   

  1. What are some of the best trails in South Dakota?

With hundreds of amazing trails in South Dakota to choose from, it’s tough to decide which ones are the “best”. This is subjective, so it’s not like we can say for sure, but we do know of plenty of amazing trails in SD to try at least once, like:  

  • Devil’s Bathtub – You'll find this stunning hike to an incredible waterfall in Spearfish Canyon. Wade in the creek and admire the stunning beauty of this wild area.  
  • Notch Trail – Badlands National Park is an amazing National Park to visit on its own, and every trail within it is worthy of your time and effort. This trail is moderately challenging, but it’s beautiful.  
  • Sunday Gulch Trail – This gorgeous trail is located at Sylvan Lake and is rated as difficult, so keep that in mind before hiking it.  

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  1. What are the most popular hikes in South Dakota?

Of course, the above-listed hikes in South Dakota are nowhere near the only ones (or the only great ones)! There are a few more worthy of mentioning here, including:  

  • Bear Butte State Park Trail – This gorgeous two-mile trek through one of our most beautiful state parks is absolutely awe-inspiring.  
  • Cathedral Spires Trail – This incredible trail shows off some of the best geological wonders in the entire state, and the views are worth the effort.  
  • Lost Cabin Trail – This trail leads to some of the best views in South Dakota!  

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