These Jaw Dropping Places in South Dakota Will Blow You Away

If you live here and/or have ever visited, you get it: South Dakota is quite possibly the most beautiful, yet underrated of all 50 states! While nearly every location is pretty on its own, there are a handful that stand out from the rest, including these 8 most beautiful places in South Dakota:

As a life-long South Dakota resident, it is still astonishing to me that these absolutely jaw dropping views exist so near to us. How many of these jaw dropping views have you seen in person? What natural wonders in South Dakota would you add to the list?

The OIYS Visitor Center

Most Beautiful Places in South Dakota

May 29, 2019

Where should I stop in South Dakota? This one is tough to answer, as we want you to take in EVERYTHING the Mount Rushmore State has to offer! However, if you can only visit a handful of places this trip, we recommend seeing Mount Rushmore (it really is a sight to see and makes for a great Facebook profile picture!), the iconic Wall Drug (a day trip in and of itself), and the aforementioned Falls Park. Since you’re here, you will also want to see the bison at Custer State Park, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s childhood home, and the one-of-a-kind Mitchell Corn Palace. Oh, I almost forgot to mention… ugh, just tour around for a month so you can see it all!

Is South Dakota a safe place to live? Thanks to our small population and friendly folks, South Dakota is one of the safest places to live in America! (One of the many perks of living in a smaller state: everyone knows everyone, so people are generally kinder to one another.)

What are some of the best cities to live in South Dakota? If you enjoy the busyness of the big city, you will want to go to Sioux Falls, which is chock-full of great restaurants, art, shopping, and more. If history is your thing, any of the Black Hills towns should tickle your fancy, especially Rapid City, Deadwood, or Lead. If you grew up in a small town and prefer that stronger sense of community, check out Pierre, which may be the state capital, but is home to less than 15,000.