Eat Endless BBQ Ribs At This Rustic Restaurant In South Dakota

Whenever you’re craving delicious home-style cuisine, you’ll find quaint little diners and cafes all over South Dakota. Spink Cafe, also known as Spink Family Restaurant, is a charming cafe that serves up the best food you’ve ever tasted, including some of the best BBQ in South Dakota.

Have you ever dined at Spink Cafe? If so, please share your experience with us in the comments below. Also, the next time you’re in Elk Point, consider driving to nearby McCook Lake to visit the Adams Homestead and Nature Preserve.

Address: Spink Family Restaurant, 103 E Main St, Elk Point, SD 57025, USA
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best bbq in south dakota

July 22, 2022

What is the best BBQ in Spearfish?

When it comes to barbecue, South Dakota serves up some of the very best. While driving through the Mount Rushmore State, you’ll likely notice several barbecue joints. Even though there are several cities in South Dakota that serve delicious barbecue, Spearfish is where you’ll find some of the best barbecue in South Dakota, especially at Bunky’s BBQ. Bunky’s BBQ, a small take-out restaurant in Spearfish, offers a rotating menu that includes all of your barbecue favorites. From pulled pork and brisket, to ribs and pork loin, there’s something for everyone. For some of the best South Dakota barbecue, be sure to visit Bunky’s BBQ.

What particular foods is South Dakota best known for?

Like most other states, there are particular foods South Dakota is best known for. Listed below are five of these well-known foods.

1. Buffalo Burgers

What surprises most people about buffalo burgers is the fact that they aren’t made from buffalo. Instead, the meat is from bison because it’s much leaner than beef. They also have fewer calories and less fat than traditional beef burgers.

2. Kuchen

A kuchen is a cake-like pastry with a filling of fruit, custard, or nuts. It’s also South Dakota’s official dessert.

3. Chislic

Chislic is very similar to a shish kebab. However, instead of an assortment of grilled vegetables and meats, chislic is made from half-inch cubes of meat that are deep fried or grilled.

4. Kolache

A kolache is a Czech puff pastry with fruit or cream cheese in the middle. They’re much like a personal pie.

5. Indian Tacos

These aren’t your traditional tacos. Instead, they’re served on fry bread and consist of bison meat instead of ground beef.

What is one of the best restaurants in South Dakota?

South Dakota is home to many amazing restaurants. One of the best restaurants in South Dakota is The Pheasant in Brookings. Established in 1949, The Pheasant is Brookings’ oldest full-service restaurant. It also serves some of the best burgers around.

Address: Spink Family Restaurant, 103 E Main St, Elk Point, SD 57025, USA