The Dangerous Puss Caterpillar Has Venomous Spines In Its Fur And It’s Been Spotted Recently In South Carolina

Brush up on your caterpillar species and keep your eyes peeled for the venomous Puss Caterpillar that was recently spotted here in South Carolina. Named for its outwardly appearance, which is similar to a pussy cat (thus, Puss Caterpillar), the little creature is piled high with long setae resembling strands of hair. What’s worse: it’s known to have barbs or spines in those setae that are filled with venomous fluid that gets injected into your skin if you even brush against the puss caterpillar ever so lightly.

Jokingly dubbed the “Toxic Toupee” by National Geographic, this weird little caterpillar was also dubbed by Nat Geo to be the most toxic caterpillar to live in the United States.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

In South Carolina, we see the most activity for this caterpillar during the months of September and October.

Ever seen one of these hairy-looking, venomous caterpillars in South Carolina? If so, where? And do you know anyone who’s been stung by one? Chime in with a report and feel free to share your images of the Puss Caterpillar in our Facebook thread or in our South Carolina Nature Lovers group on Facebook.