Your Stomach Will Love You For Trying These 12 Epic Buffets In South Carolina

Ah, “the all-you-can-eat, more bang for your buck, take all the family without taking out a loan” buffet! If you like them then you will absolutely love to try out these. If you don’t like them, then these might make you think of trying one or two of them. They are a great way for getting the entire family together without killing your budget for the month. Usually, kids under a certain age eat for free which is a boon for your wallet as well. Here are 12 epic buffets your stomach will thank you for again and again. Let’s eat!

You might want to pull out your stretchy pants before you visit any of these places because buffet-style eating can get to you that way. Any of them look good to you? I know there are a few that I would love to visit again myself. Do you have a favorite buffet you like to visit? If so, let us know in the comments below.