The First Sighting Of A Tegu Lizard Measuring More Than 2.5 Feet Has Just Been Reported In South Carolina

Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any more unpredictably bizarre, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources late last week announced the first confirmed sighting of a gigantic, invasive lizard species in the Palmetto State.

Have you spotted this invasive lizard species in the wild? You can email your photo(s) and file a report to Andrew Grosse at this email address:

We’re really not keen on the idea of a four-foot lizard becoming a prevalent predatory species in South Carolina!

Although not predatory, another oddball species is becoming more and more common in the Palmetto State and besides digging up entire fields and tunneling under the foundation of homes, it also carries leprosy. Read all about how armadillos are being spotted more and more in South Carolina.

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