5 Infamous Killers of South Carolina That Still Nurture Nightmares

Some people will argue that we are all born innocent and then there are those who will argue that some of us are just born ‘wrong.’ They will tell you that these few, although guilty of their crimes, were born to be killers. They were born to wreak mayhem on humankind. These people are everywhere; not just inherent to one state or another, to one continent or another. South Carolina is no different. Yes, they are born here, they kill here, and they die here. The following are 5 infamous killers of South Carolina.

Whether or not you believe it is nurture over nature or vice versa, you cannot deny that some people are just meant to walk certain paths in life. These five have certainly walked their paths and we are left to clean up the carnage in their wake.

Just remember, there always has to be a ‘yin’ to a ‘yang’; a good and a bad. South Carolina’s history is no different than any other state. There is good and there is…bad.

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