Here Are 20 Reasons Why Living In South Carolina Is The Absolute BEST

In recent years, United ranked South Carolina #2 in the United States for inbound residents. That, my friends, is a lot of people moving to South Carolina and it is absolutely no wonder why. We have it all here and I am going to give you 20 undeniable reasons why living in South Carolina will be the best idea you have had all year long!

I’m sure I could give you more reasons to move here. In fact, it would be quite easy to do so, but I bet you are planning your move here now. And, why wouldn’t you? There is nowhere finer than South Carolina!

If you’re considering living in South Carolina, here are some of the best-ranked cities and towns based on a variety of statistics, from crime rates to education.

Address: South Carolina, USA
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Living In South Carolina

December 04, 2020

What stereotypes are there about South Carolina?

Growing up in South Carolina comes with certain stereotypes attached to it. Even if someone has never been to the Palmetto State, they may already know about some aspects of being here that may or may not be true. Many people think of South Carolina and assume backcountry, truck-driving, pig-wrastlin’ folks, and while there is nothing wrong with people who may check all of those boxes, there is a huge variety of people here. Plus, not everyone here lives in the country. There are big, modern cities, suburbs, small towns, and everything in between. South Carolina is often known as a beach destination in the summer and little else, but people who only come for the coast are missing out on the beautiful forests, mountains, and more that you can find further inland.

Where is the best place to live in South Carolina?

With such a lengthy list of the best things about South Carolina, you may already be house hunting and packing your bags. Before you head out, you may want to know about the different towns and cities and what they have to offer. According to, which pulls together a variety of statistics and factors to rate the best places to live, South Carolina’s top area is Forest Acres. It’s a suburb of Columbia, the state’s capital city, and has everything you need to raise a family like good schools, local amenities, and more. Still, the suburb life might not be for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a downtown urban environment or a quiet small town to settle down in, South Carolina probably has a great option for you.

What is South Carolina known for?

Other than the people from South Carolina, this state is known for many things. The Palmetto State has fantastic beaches that draw in millions of visitors. Not only that, but cities like Charleston rank among the top destinations in the entire world. Charleston is even considered “America’s #1 City.” This state is also known for its great food and quiet southern living. If you enjoy BBQ, seafood, soul food, or the like, you’ll find plenty of it here. SC can also be notable for its history, from pre-Revolutionary War to the Civil War and beyond. There are many historic sites to visit and lots of history to be shared.

Address: South Carolina, USA