20 Of The Best Barbecue Places In South Carolina You Will Ever Sink Your Teeth Into

We live in the best state for barbecue. Heck, we are the birthplace for it so we better do it well! Here in South Carolina there are roughly 250 barbecue restaurants. That’s a lot of pork being served. South Carolina is also the ONLY  state where you are able to find all four types of barbecue sauces and sometimes you’ll be able to find them all on one menu. No doubt we like to have our variety and we are staunchly loyal to the type of sauce we love. If you don’t know all of them here they are: Mustard (which is usually found in the Midlands), Vinegar & Pepper (found on the coast), Light Tomato (a favorite of the Pee Dee region), and Heavy Tomato (this one calls the Upstate/Mountains home). Here is a list of the top 20 barbecue places that will have you wanting to try them all!

These places are known as “100-mile” barbecue…meaning you will drive 100 miles to have it all over again. You just can’t go wrong with any one of them! What is your favorite place to get barbecue in South Carolina? Tell us in the comments below!