The 16 Best Places In South Carolina For An Epic Marriage Proposal

So, you’re thinking of getting married, but first you have to think of how to ask her. Do you want to do it with the help of family and friends in a flash mob or do you want to do it in a quiet place that is as beautiful as she is, with just the two of you? It can become quite nerve-racking no matter which direction you choose. However, that’s where I might be able to help. I have composed a list of the best places in South Carolina for that epic marriage proposal. Whether want the quiet with just the two of you or the best place to hold a grand flash mob…it’s all right here!


Now that I have given you a few ideas, do you feel a little better about that proposal? South Carolina has some epic spots to use to propose to your special one! And…speaking of flash mobs. Wow. They might take a little planning, but they are extremely cool!