The 5 Airbnbs That Make The Ultimate Getaway In Rhode Island

So you’ve chosen Rhode Island as your next destination, but where to stay? There are so many incredible and unique Airbnbs in the Ocean State. Here are five that would make for an incredible getaway.

So, what’ll it be? Ocean? History? Farm? There are a lot of great places to stay in Rhode Island that will elevate your getaway. What are some of the best places you’ve stayed in within the Ocean State? Let us know in the comments!

Here are the links to the above Airbnbs:

Ross House:

Narragansett Ocean Home:

Lake House Retreat:

Major Thomas Fenner House:

Lavender Farm:


Address: Narragansett, RI, USA
Address: South Kingstown, RI, USA
Address: Cranston, RI, USA
Address: New Shoreham, RI 02807, USA