If You Haven’t Eaten These 12 Foods, You Haven’t Lived In Pennsylvania Long Enough

Okay, PA! Let’s have a little fun talking about food today. After all, food is such a huge part of what makes Pennsylvania so special. Think about it. We kick off the New Year with a scrumptious meal of pork and sauerkraut. And, that’s after watching a giant Hershey’s kiss or mushroom drop to signal the start of a new year. We travel to Hershey to watch chocolate being made and to make our own. That’s just the beginning of PA’s rich culinary tradition. Here are 12 popular (and unique) Pennsylvania foods that you’ve probably already tried and, if you haven’t, you just haven’t lived here long enough.

What other popular Pennsylvania foods would you add to this list? Join the conversation in the comments! And, if you love PA’s food, you probably love its snacks, too, right? Click here to read about the delicious snack trail in Pennsylvania.