Treat Yourself To All Of Your Favorite Childhood Candies At Oh How Sweet It Is Near Pittsburgh

Sure, we all probably agree that there are some pitfalls to adulthood, right? There are also some really amazing things that come with our passage from childhood. Like going to the candy store. When we were kids, we had to ask for permission to buy candy, and we usually had a limit to how much we could eat. Now? The sky’s the limit for both, and that’s definitely a good thing when you visit Oh How Sweet It Is Near Pittsburgh.

Have you ever been to Oh How Sweet It Is near Pittsburgh? What’s your favorite old-time candy? Join the conversation in the comments! For another delightfully delicious experience, stop by SpectroDolce Confectionery in Monroeville.

Address: 1331 Freeport Rd, Cheswick, PA 15024, USA