A Tiny Diner Under A Bridge, Don’s Diner Is A Worthy Hidden Gem In Pittsburgh

Hidden gems sometimes hide right in front of us. We could, for example, pass the same restaurant every day and not even realize that beyond the storefront is a hidden gem worthy of stopping. Other hidden gems, however, might take a bit more effort to find. Don’s Diner, truly a hidden gem in Pittsburgh, falls into the latter category. If you’ve not yet been there, you might need to enable your trusty GPS to guide you, but the effort will certainly be worth it.

Have you ever been to Don’s Diner, a hidden gem in Pittsburgh? Share your experience in the comments! Always on the lookout for hidden gems? Head on over to the South Side for a delicious meal at Nadine’s Restaurant.

Address: 1729 Eckert St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA