There’s A Restaurant In Pennsylvania With Wings So Spicy You Have To Sign A Waiver

Ready for the culinary challenge of your lifetime? (Or at least of this summer?) Spice up your next meal with some hot wings – and not just any hot wings. These spicy wings in Pennsylvania are so insanely, terrifyingly hot, you’ll literally have to sign a waiver before you can order them. The question is: Are you up for the challenge?

On the fence about whether to try these spicy wings in Pennsylvania? Click play above to see how one fella beat the challenge.

Sooo…will you try these super spicy wings in Pennsylvania or will you just watch as someone else takes on the hottest challenge in the state? (Click here for the waiver.) If you can conquer that challenge, nothing will scare you, including this haunting road trip to some of Pennsylvania’s most abandoned places.


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