You Can Rent An Entire Castle In Pennsylvania, Hilltop Castle, For Much Less Than You’d Expect

We all deserve to feel like royalty every now and then, don’t we? If it’s been too long since you’ve been pampered, start making plans now. In fact, grab a huge group of friends, or summon your entire family for a dream getaway in this luxurious castle in Pennsylvania. A bit worried about the price tag that comes with a castle? Well, if your party includes 44 guests, you’ll each likely pay less than $100 a night for an unforgettable getaway.

Have you ever stayed in a luxurious castle in Pennsylvania? Share your experience in the comments! Did you know that Pennsylvania’s home to a castle that features a library, a swimming pool, and a concert hall? The Carnegie Library of Homestead is definitely worth a visit.

Address: 45 Castle Hill Rd, Beach Lake, PA 18405, USA