Blakeslee Natural Area Is A Fascinating Spot In Pennsylvania That’s Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time” signals the opening lines of the fairy tales most of us heard in childhood. For many of us, those fairy tales we read or listened to growing up planted images in our minds. A fairy tale, for instance, might now conjure imagines of a secluded forest surrounded by wildlife and the sound of cascading water as it rushes over rocks in a creek. Those fairy tale images leap to life at Blakeslee Natural Area in Pennsylvania.

Have you been to Blakeslee Natural Area in Pennsylvania? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments! If you enjoy a challenging hike that leads to sensational views, follow the Turkey Path Trail that will take you straight to the floor of the Grand Canyon of PA.

Address: Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area, 20 PA-115, Blakeslee, PA 18610, USA