Craving some of the best wings in Pennsylvania? No? You soon will be. Pennsylvania’s bursting with restaurants that serve scrumptious wings by the half dozen and by the bucket. Get ready for a wing craving like you’ve never had before when you discover the 10 restaurants that serve some of the best wings in Pennsylvania.

What other restaurants serve the best wings in Pennsylvania? Share below! If you like hot – really hot – wings, you just might want to enter this hot wings eating contest.

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best wings in Pennsylvania

What are the best sports bars in Pennsylvania?

There are so many exciting sports bars in Pennsylvania. Happy Valley Sports Bar, located in Dickson City, is always a fun place to visit. With a friendly atmosphere and impressive menu, this welcoming destination is the perfect place to watch the latest game. Many people say they make some of the best chicken wings in Pennsylvania! Rivals Sports Bar and Restaurant, located in Easton, is another must-visit sports bar. Their exciting happy hours are full of great deals. Bring your closest friends and enjoy a delicious brew. In addition to their large screen TVs, Rivals Sports Bar and Restaurant often has live music. There are also several pool tables in the area, so there’s no shortage of fun to be had at this incredible Pennsylvania restaurant.

Are there any food competitions in Pennsylvania?

Think you have what it takes to win one of Pennsylvania’s most famous food-eating contests? Try your luck at Cluck-U Chicken. They are famous for their blisteringly hot wing challenge. If you eat 10 of these terrifying hot wings in five minutes, you’ll be crowned a winner. But be warned -- these eats are so hot, you have to sign a waiver before digging in. You also won’t be given a refund if you decide you can’t handle the heat. This is for brave souls only! Having a tough stomach will help you too. If you’re still hungry, take on the epic burger-eating challenge at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield. This famous eatery boasts some of the largest hamburgers in the world. If you can finish their monstrous Pub Super Challenger, your meal is free! Pudge's Steaks, located in Conshohoken, also has a famous food challenge. If you can devour a 2-foot long cheesesteak and three pounds of fries in less than a half hour, your meal is on the house. To learn more about the most wild food challenges in Pennsylvania, read our article here.

What kind of food is Pennsylvania known for?

Pennsylvania is known for all kinds of scrumptious food. Everyone knows about the Philly cheesesteak -- the iconic sandwich made with thinly sliced pieces of beefsteak that’s smothered in delicious melted cheese and wedged between a fresh hoagie roll. But that isn’t the only delicious dish we’re known for. Pennsylvanians also adore scrapple. This dish isn’t especially pretty, but it's packed with irresistible flavor. Composed of pork scraps, corn meal, flour, and an array of amazing spices, this meal is absolutely amazing.

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