13 Hidden Gems In Oregon Most People Don’t Know Even Exist

Oregon has no shortage of beautiful nature scenes to take in. And while we all have our favorite places to visit when we want a secret refuge, it’s hard to really summarize why some are the best of the best. Here are 13 hidden gems in Oregon that might be off your beaten path, but are totally worth discovering for yourself!

We hope we’ve really highlighted some the best hidden gems in Oregon. But please do share with us some of your favorite spots in the comments below!

Looking for even more hidden gems in Oregon? We don’t blame you! Here are 11 places in Oregon that only the locals know about. Happy exploring!

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The OIYS Visitor Center

hidden gems in Oregon

August 15, 2021

What are some other cool hidden gems in Oregon?

Oregon is a splendid place to live; but sometimes, we Oregonians get into a rut where we revisit the same places again and again. And while there’s nothing wrong with playing favorites, if you do, you’d be missing out on some of the state’s most glorious hidden gems. So we designed a weekend-long road trip that visits some of the state’s coolest, most under-the-radar attractions. Our Ultimate Oregon Hidden Gem Road Trip will take you to nine incredible, little-known spots in the state; and who knows — you might discover some new favorite places.

What are the most unique places to visit in Oregon?

Oregon doesn’t try to hide its quirkiness, and it's full of unique (and yes, weird) places. Whether you want to check out one of Portland’s bizarre museums, sip coffee in a haunted cafe with moving tables, or visit a homemade fairytale-based theme park, Oregon has that all -- and more! Here are seven awesomely weird, totally unique places in Oregon that will make for the most unique outings.

Are there any hidden beaches in Oregon?

Wouldn't you know it -- there's actually a hidden beach in Oregon called Secret Beach! Located within the Samuel H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, the aptly named Secret Beach is absolutely breathtaking and well-worth discovering. This little oasis is nestled on the northernmost end of the corridor, and the easiest way to access it is via the Secret Beach Trail. At just over three miles round trip, the length of this hike isn't too challenging, but the terrain can be. The payoff is totally worth it, though: Secret Beach is a soft sand beach that's outlined by cragged cliffs and massive caves and rock formations. It's peak Oregon beauty!