Oregon is full of endless opportunities for outdoor adventures, but our hiking game is particularly strong. Our trails lead to some of the most spectacular places in the country, offering an experience in nature that’s simply unparalleled. As we welcome the new season here in The Beaver State, now is the perfect time to shake the dust off your shoes and hit the trails. Whether you want to see fields of endless wildflowers, rushing waterfalls, clear-blue lakes, or verdant forests, you’ll find it all along the trails in the Beaver State this season. The following are nine easy and beautiful spring hikes in Oregon that are absolutely delightful and some of the best of the best.

Do you have any favorite spring hikes in Oregon that didn’t make it in our list? What are your picks for the best hikes in Oregon? Be sure to share your favorite hiking trails with us in the comments below! And if you’re looking for more beautiful springtime hikes in Oregon, definitely plan a little waterfall chasing around the Beaver State!

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Best hikes in Oregon

What are the best waterfall hikes in Oregon?

There's nothing quite like happening upon a waterfall while wandering the Oregon wilds, which is a fairly common occurrence as our state is positively teeming with incredible cascades! Some of our favorite waterfall hikes in Oregon are located in the Columbia River Gorge, which, as we mentioned, is a veritable treasure trove of falls, boasting 90 on the Beaver State's side alone! For beginners, we recommend Bridal Veil Falls, as the hike to this falls is just a half mile long and is well-paved and easy to navigate. The falls themselves are nothing short of fantastic: there are two drops, and the entire waterfall is about 118 feet. While Bridal Veil isn't the tallest in the Gorge, we think the payoff for such a short hike is pretty extraordinary! Another amazing waterfall hike in the Gorge is Wahclella Falls. This lesser-known cascade in Columbia River Gorge is a vision -- especially in the spring when it's surrounded by verdant green foliage and moss-covered boulders! The blue waters plunge into a cerulean pool that's the perfect place for quiet contemplation -- or dipping your toes on a hot summer's day, too. Finally, for those wishing to take a waterfall hike that winds behind one of these rushing wonders, this is the waterfall to do just that. Ponytail Falls (also known as "Upper Horsetail Falls") is a magical waterfall with a trail circling behind it to give you a one-of-a-kind experience. Standing directly behind the majestic 75-foot waterfall as it pours gracefully into the creek is positively enchanting. What are your favorite waterfall hikes in Oregon?

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