With Halloween around the corner, chances are you’re starting to look for things to do to give you a real fright. We thought we’d inspire you by giving you a preview of some really freaky holiday haunts.

1) The House Of Shadows, Gresham

You’ll be running for the hills from these crazy, haunting monsters.

2) FrightTown, Portland

The horrified screaming that permeates from this haunted attraction should be warning enough that you’re in for a terrifying night.

3) Spooky Lane Haunted Farm, Nyssa

You better bring someone with you, because you’re gonna need them to pick you up off the floor when you faint from fear.

4) Scare Hollow, Wood Village

You won’t be able to shake the goosebumps you get when you hit this haunted motel and graveyard.

5) The Haunted Ghost Town, Portland

The Old West has never been more horrifying.

6) The Frightuary, Eugene

The Frightuary, Eugene

Get enthralled in the Carnival of Souls, spooky Cryptwood Manor and get lost in morbid, mind-bending hallways at this spot in Eugene.

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? Tell us, where are your favorite spooky places to hit up when you’re looking for a good scare?


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