The Spooky Small Town Of Ingalls In Oklahoma Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

We love a good ghost story, especially if that ghost story happens to include some unique historical aspect of our state! There is one small town in Oklahoma that has a history of violence, gunfights, and outlaws. Settled in 1889, the town of Ingalls, Oklahoma, sprung up after the land rush and became home to about 150 residents. All that’s now left of this eerie place is a few buildings that represent its outlaw history. When you visit this ghost town, you’ll think you stepped onto the set of a Western horror movie. Could this perhaps be known as the scariest town in Oklahoma? Or maybe it’s just a small town with a sordid past that is worth recognizing…you be the judge.

For the full history on Ingalls, watch the video below:

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Address: Ingalls, OK 74074, USA
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Scariest Town In Oklahoma

January 18, 2020

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Address: Ingalls, OK 74074, USA