25 Rare Photos In Oklahoma Taken During The Great Depression

During the 1930s Oklahoma suffered greatly. The Great Depression, combined with the Dust Bowl, destroyed many farms and left hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans unemployed. Droughts and high winds were treacherous at times, and due to the conditions in Oklahoma, more than 15% of Oklahomans  moved to California. Some of the hardest hit areas were in rural Oklahoma. Shanty towns, also known as shacktowns, sprang up near many cities during the Great Depression.

Sometimes called Hooverville, Little Oklahoma or Okieville, these settlements often grew on empty land, unrecognized officially by local authorities, but often tolerated or ignored out of necessity. They had no plumbing or electricity.  Homes were built from salvaged scraps. The water was polluted and there were no facilities for trash and other waste. The following 25 photos capture Oklahoma during this era:

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