Carlton Landing is Oklahoma’s most picturesque little town that is anything but ordinary. Situated on the rolling hills overlooking Lake Eufaula, Carlton Landing is a New Urbanist town where you might feel more like you’re in Seaside, Florida than in Eufaula, Oklahoma. Southern Living called this charming eco-friendly town a “storybook town” once upon a time, and we couldn’t agree more.

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Check out these other small towns in Oklahoma that are full of charm and character.

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Unique Town in Oklahoma

What are the cutest small towns in Oklahoma? 

Oklahoma is a magical place for those who love small towns and small-town charm. You can throw a rock in any direction and probably find some that way, but we’ve done the footwork for you right here. Though it’s hard to decide just which town is the “cutest”, there are lots that make worthy contenders. Some of our favorites include the adorable Guthrie, which has a quaint, old-style downtown and not one but two nearby lakes, and Medicine Park is a stunning small town in the Wichitas and thusly one of Oklahoma’s only actual mountain towns. Woodward is beautiful, too, with stunning wind farms and tons of intriguing native history. For a more complete list of our favorite small towns in Oklahoma, check this previous article out!  

Where can I go for a day trip in Oklahoma? 

Everyone, from city slickers to country folk to artists to farmers, can find something to do in Oklahoma. The state is beautiful, especially for the more outdoorsy types, but our cities are incredibly fun, too. You could go on an all-day excursion to Broken Bow Lake, which is one of the most scenic places you’ll ever find. The Great Salt Plains State Park is super interesting, especially if you’re looking to escape the more typical Oklahoma landscape for a few hours. Alternatively, a tour of Oklahoma City or Tulsa will certainly make the city folk in everyone smile. Here are 12 ideas for great Oklahoma day trips.  

What are some interesting things to do in Oklahoma? 

Anything you can do in most other places can be done in Oklahoma! We’re a beautiful state for the outdoorsy types, with plenty of world-class hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping available all over the state. There are six national parks in Oklahoma and 35 official state parks. Our landscapes range from beautiful, endless plains, to mountains, forests, and salt plains, too. Any day spent in natural splendor is great. You could also visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial in Oklahoma City and learn about one of the darkest days in US history right where it happened. There are art and history museums as well, and anyone with a fondness for the arts will love Tulsa as well.