The Oklahoma Restaurant With Cinnamon Rolls As Big As Your Head

Tally’s Good Food Cafe in Oklahoma is known for amazing food but their cinnamon rolls are off the charts delicious. The cinnamon roll is not only enormous, but this award-winning sweet roll is homemade daily and is very reasonably priced, especially for its size. It’s just about a foot long and weighs about two to three pounds, so it’s large enough to split. If you’ve never visited one of the two locations in Tulsa, add it to your dining bucket list if you’re looking for one of the best cinnamon rolls ever.

Have you ever had one of the gigantic cinnamon rolls from Tally’s Good Food Cafe in Oklahoma? If so, what did you think about it? Share in the comments! Interested in viewing the full menu? Check out their website or Facebook page to learn more.

Address: Tally's Good Food Café (South), 6100 S Sheridan Rd #4051, Tulsa, OK 74133, USA
Address: Tally's Good Food Café, 1102 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112, USA