These 11 MORE Crazy Laws In Oklahoma Will Have You Scratching Your Head

Do you ever wonder where the weird laws in Oklahoma come from? Or how they were ever passed in the first place? At some point in time, the state legislature or individual city passed these nonsensical, outdated, and weird laws in Oklahoma, and for some reason or another, they were never overturned or taken off the books. For a little more amusement regarding the oddly illegal things in Oklahoma, here are 11 more crazy, weird laws in Oklahoma that will have you scratching your head.

So, did you know about these oddly illegal things in Oklahoma? Were you already aware of these weird laws in Oklahoma? Which law do you think is the craziest?  Tell us your thoughts.

The strange things in Oklahoma don’t end with the oddball laws mentioned above. Just to prove it, we’ve compiled a list of weird Oklahoma town names.

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Weird Laws In Oklahoma

August 12, 2022

What are the weirdest things about Oklahoma?

The strange things in Oklahoma go beyond the weird laws mentioned above. There are lots of wonderfully weird things about Oklahoma. For starters, it is the only state in the nation that produces iodine and it is one of only a handful of states that produces helium. Iodine and helium aren’t the only items the world can thank the Sooner State for, though. Did you know shopping carts were invented and first used in Oklahoma? It’s true, and we can all thank Sylvan Goldman, the owner of the Humpty Dumpty supermarket chain. Goldman thought the carts would take some of the hassles out of shopping and he was right.

What unique words and phrases do people in Oklahoma say?

People in Oklahoma use lots of unique words and phrases – so much so that many would assume residents of the Sooner State have their own language. For instance, the expression “fraidy hole” simply means an underground tornado shelter. Another phrase unique to the Sooner State is “T-Town.” Pretty self-explanatory, T-Town is what locals call Tulsa. Oklahomans don’t just have their own set of colorful words and phrases, though. Residents of the Sooner State have also assigned new meanings to existing words such as “oyster.” In the rest of the country, oysters are saltwater clams eaten straight from the shell; however, in Oklahoma, oysters don’t come from the ocean. Instead, they come from bulls. More specifically, oysters in Oklahoma, or calf fries as they are sometimes called, are bull testicles.

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.