The Exotic Emporium In Oklahoma That Sells Gifts From All Over The World

Of all the places to shop in Oklahoma, there probably isn’t one as unique as Craig’s Curious Emporium in Oklahoma City. This 7,000 sq ft. shop is the largest metaphysical store in the state and is filled with unique gifts from all over the world. As they say at Craig’s, they have “nothing you need, but everything you want.” Keep scrolling to see some of the cool stuff you’ll find at this exotic emporium.

Be sure and visit their website and Facebook page to see more merchandise you can purchase here.

Another fun and unique place to shop is at the Tulsa Flea Market. You can browse over 50,000 square feet from a variety of vendors and it’s a different sort of flea market you won’t find anywhere else.

Address: Craig's Curious Emporium, 1209 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA