Feast On Behemoth Burgers At This Unassuming But Amazing Roadside Stop In Ohio

You know the saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it’s true for restaurants, too. Often, the most unassuming restaurants serve the very best food, and this is most certainly the case with today’s feature destination. Diner 23 is a 1950s-style American restaurant located on US Route 23 in Waverly, Ohio, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner for hungry diners and road warriors. Unassuming but amazing, this roadside stop in Ohio is worth checking out.

Have you dined at this unassuming roadside stop in Ohio before? Diner 23 truly is a perfect and wholesome little slice of Americana!

Address: Diner 23, 300 W Emmitt Ave, Waverly, OH 45690, USA