Many of us wonder where exactly Amish Country in Ohio is; you’ll find it stretched across multiple counties and small rural towns in the central part of the state! Here you’ll find one of the state’s most heartwarming regions that’s truly one of the most charming places to explore in the Midwest. If you’ve yet to take a weekend (or week) to explore Ohio’s Amish Country, you need to make a point to do so; it’s truly one of the best Ohio day trips. From working Amish farms to one-of-a-kind hardware stores, there are tons of things to do in Ohio Amish Country. Here are 12 of the best things to do in Ohio Amish Country.

So, what do you think? Are these the best things to do in Ohio Amish Country? Know of any great Amish restaurants in Ohio? Or maybe you know of some can’t-miss Amish stores in Ohio? Did you know where Amish Country in Ohio is before reading this article? Share your thoughts and favorite places in Ohio Amish Country in the comments!

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Things To Do In Ohio Amish Country

What is the best Amish restaurant in Ohio?

The best Amish restaurant in Ohio is Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant.

There are lots of things to do in Ohio Amish Country, including dining out at great restaurants. Amazing Amish restaurants in Ohio are plentiful; however, one that shouldn’t be missed is Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant in Berlin. A local favorite since 1938, the restaurant serves up delicious Amish-style meals in a down-home atmosphere. The famed homemade fare doesn’t end with the entrees, though. Boyd and Wurthmann Restaurant is also known for its variety of mouthwatering pies – the restaurant typically makes about 15-20 a day! Hop in the car for a road trip to this mouthwatering restaurant!

What is a can’t-miss Amish store in Ohio?

A can't-miss Amish store in Ohio is Ashery Country Store.

When it comes to great shopping, Amish stores in Ohio can’t be beat! One spot that shouldn’t be missed is Ashery Country Store in Fredericksburg. In business for decades, the store has grown into a local favorite – and for good reason! The shelves are stocked with an incredible array of merchandise, including a wide variety of bulk foods, which are packaged on-site. Deli meats and cheeses as well as farm-fresh produce are also part of the inventory. Can’t make it to Ashery Country Store? No problem; the store sells over 2,000 products on its website, which means you can have the taste of Amish Country shipped right to your door.

What is a must-do Ohio day trip?

A must-do Ohio day trip is Chateau Laroche.

Of all the Ohio day trips, the one that’s most fit for royalty is a visit to Chateau Laroche, which is often referred to as Loveland Castle. Castles and Ohio might seem like an odd pairing, but one visit to this castle and you’ll quickly forget your reservations. Now a museum, it’s a full-size replica of a European castle and features a hodge-podge of different architectural styles from a slew of European countries. Today, Chateau Laroche offers tours of both the castle and the grounds. During the tour, you’ll learn all about the castle and its eccentric builder, making for one of the most unique Ohio day trips.