The Most Unique McDonald’s In The World Is Right Here In Ohio

If you’ve ever driven through Independence, Ohio, you might have passed one of the most unusual fast food chain buildings in the country without even realizing it. The McDonald’s restaurant in Independence, Ohio is unlike any other in the state — and pretty much the whole world. It’s big, grand and downright classy. This eatery is easily one of the most unique restaurants in Ohio — and the country!

Did you know about this McDonald’s? What do you think — isn’t it one of the most unique restaurants in Ohio?! If you’ve ever been here before, we want to know what your experience was like!

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Address: 6201 Brecksville Rd, Independence, OH 44131, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

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October 22, 2021

What are some other unique restaurants in Ohio?

Here in Ohio, there are so many unique restaurants to enjoy if you just know where to look. From restaurants with stores to restaurants with amazing grounds to explore, Ohio has so much to offer its diners — in addition to great fare! One of our favorite unique restaurants in Ohio is The Schoolhouse Restaurant in Camp Dennison, which offers a fascinating glimpse into the past — while also serving up some pretty incredible, home-cooked cuisine (the fried chicken is absolutely the best in the state!). Looking for a little lesson (see what we did there?) on one of the most unique restaurants in Ohio? Read our article here!

What’s the oldest restaurant in Ohio?

The oldest restaurant (and longest continually operating business in Ohio) is the Golden Lamb, located in the historic and charming town of Lebanon. You can read all about this beloved favorite here; hailing from 1803, it has quite the storied past! In terms of oldest Italian restaurants, Guarino’s Ristorante in Little Italy was established in 1918, making it the oldest Italian restaurant in Cleveland. One of the best restaurants in Ohio, this Cleveland classic has been run by the same family since the beginning, and its history is as noteworthy as its fare. Established just two years prior to Prohibition, the little neighborhood eatery began life as a speakeasy, and was a favorite spot for the Cleveland elite — and celebrities, with Frank Sinatra among the restaurant’s regulars! In terms of cuisine, the recipes are from the Old Country, and feature bright herbs and bold flavors. Guarino’s is revered for its lasagna, a family recipe straight from Mama Guarino. This restaurant really has stood the test of time, and is a must-visit when in Forest City!

What are the best restaurants in Ohio?

Ohio has quite the culinary clout, and we’ve a whole menu of must-visit restaurants (see what we did there?!) to prove it. Since we’re on the theme of breakfast all day (we love you, McDonald’s!), Holtman’s Donuts down in Cincinnati is easily one of the best spots to grab a donut and coffee in the Buckeye State. Since 1960, Holtman’s Donut Shop has been satisfying Cincinnati’s sweet tooth with their unbelievable donuts. The Holtman family has always made their sweet concoctions from scratch daily, and you can taste the freshness. The choices here are endless: their glazed yeast and cake donuts are absolutely perfect, as are their more unique creations that feature specialty toppings such as cereal, cookies, and even bacon. Holtman’s also offers a substantial selection of vegan varieties, too, and the Oreo crumble cake donut tastes just as sinful as its non-vegan counterparts. You can’t go in and just get one, so go ahead and get a box to share… or not (no judgment here!).

Address: 6201 Brecksville Rd, Independence, OH 44131, USA