A Tiny Ohio Restaurant With Less Than 10 Seats, Crabill’s Serves Scrumptious Hamburgers

Sometimes, the best food is hiding in the most unsuspecting restaurants—even those with less than 10 seats. It’s no secret that Ohio is home to some pretty epic burger joints. But what might be a secret to you is the humble, yet truly amazing burger shop hiding in the small town of Urbana, Ohio. Crabill’s Hamburger Shop is a hidden gem for Ohioans that aren’t from the area—and it’s a popular stop for burger connoisseurs all over. This tiny hamburger restaurant in Ohio is worth going out of your way for.

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Crabill’s Hamburger Shop is located at 727 Miami St., Urbana, OH 43078. To learn more about this delightful hidden gem eatery, visit their website or Facebook page.

Have you ever been here before? What are your favorite hidden gem restaurants in Ohio? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Address: Crabill's Hamburger Shoppe, 727 Miami St, Urbana, OH 43078, USA
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tiny hamburger restaurant in Ohio

March 08, 2020

What are the best small restaurants in Ohio?

Cheapside Cafe, located in Cincinnati, is one of the best small restaurants in Ohio. The bright and sunny atmosphere will immediately boost your mood, and it’s a great place to enjoy a comforting cup of coffee. Their brunch and lunch dishes are also delicious. Start your day off right! This lovely eatery is open everyday until 3 p.m. Bagel Street Deli is another tiny but mighty Ohio restaurant. Take a trip to Athens, Ohio and experience their wonderful bagels and sandwiches.

What are the best places to get hamburgers in Ohio?

Tank’s Bar and Grill, located in Dayton, serves some of the best hamburgers in Ohio. These juicy and flavorful burgers always dazzle diners. After your first bite, you’ll understand why. Believe us, these meals are worth going out of your way for. Thurman Cafe, located in Columbus, also serves epic hamburgers. Really, we aren’t kidding when we say these meals are giant. It’s the type of burger you’ll need a knife and fork for. Don’t shy away from the messiness. This decadent dish is absolutely worth indulging in.

What are the best little-known restaurants in Ohio?

There are so many fantastic hidden gem restaurants in Ohio. Fat Boy’s Dream Floating Restaurant is one of the best. Yes, the name is correct — this unique restaurant in Ohio actually sits on top of the Ohio River. This diner specializes in comfort food dishes. You’ll love lounging near the water while munching on a basket of crinkle fries. This awesome spot is located just outside of Cincinnati in Felicity, Ohio.

Address: Crabill's Hamburger Shoppe, 727 Miami St, Urbana, OH 43078, USA