The Perfect Lebanon Day Trip Itinerary – Not Your Average Bucket List Episode 6

Lebanon, Ohio, has such a unique history, dating back to the early 1800s. In this episode, we dig deep into how Lebanon came to be and what makes this small town getaway special. Discover how long it takes to get from Lebanon, Ohio, to Cincinnati. Plus, find out the best Lebanon, Ohio, events throughout the year! We explore what makes Lebanon, Ohio, Christmas so special, too. Some people say it’s the weather, while others claim it’s the holiday decor!

  • Geography: How far is Lebanon, Ohio to Cincinnati?
  • Enjoy the best Lebanon, Ohio restaurants and hotels!
  • What are the best Lebanon, Ohio events?


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[00:19:45:0] Best Time of Year To Visit Lebanon, Ohio

[00:21:35:0] Lebanon, Ohio Christmas Fun

[00:24:55:0] A Perfect Day In Lebanon, Ohio

The small Midwestern town of Lebanon, Ohio is brimming with history, plus old-school charm. Whether you stay at the oldest hotel in Ohio or take a hot air balloon ride, there is so much to see and do here. Plus, you can’t beat a place with a good, old-fashioned urban legend!

A Perfect Day Trip In Lebanon, Ohio

Transport yourself back to simpler times with one visit to Lebanon, Ohio. This small town getaway offers charming tree-lined streets, mom and pop shops, and tons of history. Find out the best time of year to visit Lebanon, Ohio, whether it’s for some Christmastime magic or when the weather starts to get warm.

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