Once The Tallest Building Between New York And Chicago, Ohio’s Key Tower Was A True Feat Of Engineering

If you’ve ever laid eyes on Key Tower, you’ve likely realized just how unique of a building it is. But you may not have realized that, along with being the tallest building in Ohio, it was once also the tallest between New York and Chicago. Today, it stands as the 39th tallest building in the country and continues to impress residents and visitors alike with its dazzling architecture and sweeping views of Cleveland. Here’s more on the remarkable Key Tower.

Have you ever been to the observation deck in the Key Tower building? What did you think of the unique view of Cleveland? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below — we’d love to hear all about your adventures! Looking for related content? Check out our previous article: Take An Elevator Ride To An Ohio Overlook That’s Like The Miniature Empire State Building.

Address: Key Tower, Cleveland, OH 44114, USA