The Nation’s Second Largest Theater District Is Playhouse Square, Which Has Dazzled Since The 20s

The 2020s are promising to be one of Cleveland’s greatest decades yet. Following years of improvements and an unprecedented rise in tourism, The Land is facing a future that’s endlessly bright. If we are lucky, the decade will be as dazzling as Cleveland’s Jazz Age: the 1920s. This era turned one Cleveland neighborhood into the second-largest theater district in the nation, an honor that it maintains to this day.

If you’re longing to catch a spectacular show without facing the heavy traffic of Broadway, a trip through the second-largest theater district in the nation should do the trick. Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is downright incredible, and it grows lovelier as the years continue to march on. What plays have you seen in this interesting neighborhood?

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Address: Playhouse Square, 1501 Euclid Ave #200, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA