The Chilling And Wintry Thanksgiving Of 1950 Was Cleveland’s Snowiest On Record

Thanksgiving is a time to focus on gratitude. This is often celebrated with the sharing of meals and good tidings, but in Cleveland, the thing we have to feel most thankful for is minimal snow… if we end up that lucky. Everyone knows the age-old joke (“don’t like the weather in Cleveland? Just wait five minutes.”), but in 1950, nobody was joking as they looked out their windows. The Cleveland Thanksgiving snowstorm of 1950 shocked the region and those that lived it still have not forgotten that cold, cold year.

If one storm left an impact on the area, it was the Thanksgiving snowstorm of 1950 in Cleveland. This startling storm hit a world without modern snow plows and snow tires, leaving 22 states affected in its wake. Do you remember this startling Thanksgiving snowstorm?

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