12 Amazing Places In Cleveland That Are A Photo-Taking Paradise

It’s finally the season of pleasant, sunny Ohio days, and Clevelanders are taking full advantage of it. With so many local opportunities for adventure, every day has the potential to become a new experience. Some locations, Clevelanders have discovered, are so endlessly enchanting that they seem to be right out of a movie. Whether you are looking for a spot for senior portraits, wedding pictures, landscape photography, or just an awesome selfie, there’s a location close to home that’s sure to dazzle you. Grab your cameras and let’s hit the road!

Cleveland seems to be in a constant state of change, due to both road construction or revitalization projects. However, one thing remains consistent: we live in an amazingly picturesque place. Where is your favorite Cleveland backdrop? Let us know in the comments, and please share some of your photos; we’d love to see Cleveland through your lens!