There’s No Other Historical Landmark In Cleveland Quite Like These 200-Year-Old Trees

The year 1796 was an interesting year in American history. George Washington was the sitting president, and it was in this year that he famously issued his Farewell Address. Tennessee was just admitted as a state, and, of course, Moses Cleaveland landed in what would become the city we now know as Cleveland. Cleveland is famously nicknamed Forest City, and for good reason – it boasts an impressive collection of forested land, some of which harbors trees that are hundreds of years old. These trees, now known as Moses Cleaveland trees, have a fascinating history that most Clevelanders are unaware of.

The Moses Cleaveland trees are a piece of Cleveland’s history hidden in plain sight. Do you know of any Moses Cleaveland trees in your community? We’d love to hear your thoughts and stories regarding these amazing trees!

Fascinated by these trees? You can find other historic trees in the Cleveland Metroparks’ loveliest old growth forest.