Discover One Of Cleveland’s Most Majestic Waterfalls – No Hiking Necessary

The landscape of northeastern Ohio is absolutely gorgeous, with so much splendor that one could spend a lifetime hiking through the region and still discover new wonders each day. However, as much as we love hiking, it can be time-consuming (and sometimes exhausting). Certainly, there are ways to enjoy the loveliness of nature without embarking on an epic trek… right? Of course! Have you ever searched for something like “are there any waterfalls near me” and just so happen to be in Ohio? Good news – you’ll love this Cleveland park that’s home to the tallest waterfall in Cuyahoga County, and you can see it without a single step on any trail. Check this waterfall out – it might just answer the waterfalls near me question:

There’s so much in Northeast Ohio that one can often uncover gems like this waterfall without looking far. What urban gem in Cleveland surprised you the most? Did this answer your inquiry about are there any cool waterfalls near me? We hope so. If you enjoyed this waterfall, just wait until you visit this small town shaped around a waterfall.

Address: Mill Creek Falls, Cleveland, OH 44105, USA
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Waterfalls Near Me

March 28, 2022

What are the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Ohio?  

Did you know that there are more than 100 awesome hikes in Ohio that involve waterfalls in some way or another? Yep! Some of them are particularly majestic, though, like the Brandywine Gorge Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It’s short, at just 1.4 miles long, and rated as moderate – so expect some challenging parts. The waterfall, however, is one of Ohio’s most amazing, and it’s very much worth the hike! While in the area, be sure to also check out Plateau Trail, which is 4.4 miles long and easily the most popular dirt trail at the entire park. Other waterfall hikes in Ohio we love include the awe-inspiring Upper Falls to Lower Falls via the Buckeye Trail at Hocking Hills State Park. It’s 1.2 miles long and rated as moderate; the waterfall rewards of this trek are out of this world. Finally, honestly, just head to Hocking Hills State Park. There are enough waterfalls and waterfall hikes in the area to soothe your soul for life.  

How many waterfalls in Ohio are there?  

In a nutshell: there are more than 200 waterfalls in Ohio, each more spectacular and wonder-filled than the last. The tallest waterfall in Ohio is the stunning Brandywine Falls, which are a splendid 65 feet tall and command respect and reverence from all who look upon it. Other truly awesome waterfalls in Ohio include gems like Cedar Falls at Hocking Hills State Park (and as we stated above, any waterfall at Hocking Hills, really), Horseshoe Falls at Ceasar Creek State Park, and Big and Little Lyon Falls at Mohican State Park (where you get two for the price of one). Ohio is a beautiful place with waterfalls like something out of a movie: exploring them is simply the best. For more information about more waterfalls in Ohio, be sure to read our additional articles!  

Address: Mill Creek Falls, Cleveland, OH 44105, USA