13 Foolproof Ways To Spot An Imposter In Cleveland

There is a lot of diversity in Cleveland and its surrounding region. So much so, in fact, that we’re slowly becoming populated by visitors and tourists. We don’t mind, of course, but it is a tad bit laughable that they sometimes think they blend in. Did you, my dear out-of-towner, know that Ohioans swear more than residents of any other state? We’re not all foul-mouthed folks, but we locals can tell you might not have known this, based on your not-so-subtle reactions during casual conversations. If you’re a native Clevelander, you may spot tourists throughout familiar places, and they can’t help but stand out.

There’s a lot to love here in Cleveland, and we love that our incredible city is bringing in visitors… even if we poke fun at them a little. Take it in stride and you’ll learn quickly. Welcome to our city!

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