8 Times Classic Hollywood Stars Were Spotted In Cleveland Throughout The Years

Cleveland – who would want to take a trip to a city like that? Believe it or not, Cleveland tourism grows in popularity with each passing year, and the city has attracted attention from some notable individuals. Since the days of Old Hollywood, some of the most famous Americans have stopped in our charming city… and they’ve been photographed here! Whether on vacation or visiting on business, these fascinating famous figures took advantage of their time in The Land and visited some of the area’s top attractions. Check it out these old school celebrities in Cleveland:

While one may not expect to spot icons and celebrities in Cleveland, figures from American history, the big screen, and legend has visited our iconic city. Have you ever unexpectedly bumped into a celebrity in Cleveland?

Believe it or not, many famous people have come from Cleveland, as well. You can see if you recognize any of these famous faces in our full article here.