14 Rare Photos Taken In Cleveland During The Great Depression

When the world is blanketed in a soft sheet of snow and bathed in warm green and red lights, we oftentimes find ourselves reminiscing on what or where we have come from. Like many of us, the City of Cleveland has grown and changed throughout its existence, and it has had high points and low points in its history. The Great Depression, while generally remembered as one of the toughest times in the history of the country, was actually a bit of both; while unemployment rates soared, charitable figures also stepping in to inspire and lead a community ravaged by economic hard times. The fluctuating emotions of the era are best captured in photographs, which will leave you entranced.

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While not as iconic as the photos of Wall Street as the stock market crashed or the families ravaged by the Dust Bowl, Cleveland had its own memorable moments in the Great Depression. What stories have you heard from family members that experienced it?

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