The Lighthouse Road Trip On The Cleveland Coast That’s Dreamily Beautiful

Lighthouses are a remarkable example of human engineering. In ancient times, they beckoned ships to port rather than alert them to danger. Amazingly, many of these structures were built to last. The Tower of Hercules, for example, was built in the second century C.E. and has remained in continuous use ever since. While nowhere near as ancient, there are many unique lighthouses on Lake Erie that carry on the architectural tradition. These gorgeous structures convey hope to visitors, and there’s something incredibly dreamy about them. Buckle up, because this road trip will have you zipping along Lake Erie’s coast like never before.

There’s much history to be discovered in the spectacular lighthouses around Cleveland. Which of these do you find to be most iconic?

If you enjoyed this road trip, just wait until you visit this unique land-locked lighthouse near Cleveland.

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