Few People Know The Roles These 8 Cleveland Sites Played In The Civil War

When most people reflect on the Civil War era, southern Scarlett O’Hara-inspired scenes usually come to mind, but Ohioans’ lives during the era feel somewhat mysterious. What did locals do to support the war? How could such a conflict inspire passion in people that were closer to Canada than many skirmishes?

Though most people associate the Civil War with more southern states, the 10,500 military encounters that took place during the bloodiest battle in U.S. history actually took place across 23 different states. It is difficult to imagine that the forward-thinking and largely abolitionist Ohioans could feel anything other than empathy for the casualties of both sides, and our own landscape in Northeast Ohio reminds us just how close to home this war truly was.

Northeast Ohio may feel far removed from the horrors of the Civil War, but it is intrinsically tied with the history of the area. What local sites would you add to this list?

Are you surprised by the role our state and region played in the Civil War? You’ll also be surprised by these unusual moments in Cleveland history.