The Overnight Adventure Near Cleveland That Will Take You Back In Time

Parts of Northeast Ohio are surprisingly historic. Old-fashioned cities like Medina, for example, once enjoyed an annual parade that brought a menagerie of animals like giraffes and rhinoceroses into the city square. Bay Village was the birthplace of E. Harold Munn, a man who campaigned for the presidency under the Prohibition Party. Everywhere we turn is a unique history waiting to be uncovered; however, Oberlin is one local community that seems to hide many historical secrets. Now is your chance to stay overnight in this pretty place, surrounded by Civil War-era artifacts in what may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad.

This entire region has a fascinating history, and you’ll be amazed how close to home much of it feels. Would you enjoy spending a night in this Civil War-themed beauty?

If you enjoy stories of Greater Cleveland’s past, you will adore this stone mansion in Cleveland that hides a secret history.