Autumn Is The Best Time To Visit These 9 Enchanting Wineries Around Cleveland

Something splendid happens to the landscape surrounding Cleveland in the autumn. Our cool verdant region suddenly comes to life with fireworks of warm color as our flora transforms into something mind-blowing. The temperatures begin to drop, but Midwestern comfort foods and cozy jackets keep us feeling warm inside. Do you know what else can keep you feeling warm in the autumn months? A visit to a friendly and charming winery! Fortunately for locals, our entire region is overflowing with splendid places that are well worth visiting this fall. Here are a few of our favorites:

There’s much to love about Greater Cleveland and its surrounding landscape, and many of those qualities are captured on the properties of these pretty wineries. How many have you visited?

If this road trip isn’t enough to keep you busy, you should also embark on a wine and waterfalls tour through Greater Cleveland.