This Hidden Trail Near Cleveland Leads To A Magnificent Archaeological Treasure

While the history of Cleveland may feel long-reaching, the history of human activity in the region stretches back centuries. Thousands of years ago, sites that are well-traveled today were visited just as often by indigenous people. In fact, human artifacts have been found alongside fossils of Pleistocene megafauna (giant mammals that roamed the earth during the last ice age), which demonstrates that humans have been active in the region for thousands of years. You don’t even need to visit a local museum to see the influence of the people that once called this region home. In fact, you can visit one spectacular structure in one of the Cleveland Metroparks’ loveliest reservations. Plan your trip using this interactive map.

Want to virtually visit this site before you brave the cold? Check out this video by WANDERSON TRAVELS:

Entranced by the beauty of this site? We are too, but its history is even more humbling! What is your favorite historical site in the region? Tell us in the comments!

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